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Cotopaxi eruption August 2015 - news & updates

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Activity remains weak, volcanic unrest decreases
Update Wed 24 Feb 11:47
Cotopaxi volcano in calm yesterday
Cotopaxi volcano in calm yesterday
Surface activity of the volcano has been mostly low during the past weeks, characterized by degassing / steaming and occasional very weak ash emissions.
According to IGEPN, the level of most monitored geophysical parameters (SO2, volcanic earthquakes, volcanic tremor, deformation) have returned to their pre-eruption background levels.
base. However, the overall seismic activity of the volcano is still elevated and some few deep-seated explosive events are being recorded (on average 1-3 / day).
This type of activity possibly indicates that a magma source remains active inside the edifice. The most likely scenario of the coming days to weeks is that surface activity remains at a low level and or continues to decrease, with intermittent small ash emissions possible that would not affect but immediate areas surrounding the volcano. However, even though much less likely now, an increase in internal and external activity of the volcano cannot be excluded either.
Although not directly connected to its activity, as a secondary effect, the risk of lahars (mud flows triggered by melt water) remains elevated.
Intermittent weak ash emissions
Update Sat 06 Feb 11:23
On 29 January IG reported that in recent weeks superficial activity at Cotopaxi was characterized by minor steam emissions from the crater and sporadic gas emissions with minor amounts of ash.
Sulfur dioxide emissions were less than 1,000 tons per day (pre-eruptive levels) and seismicity had almost returned to baseline levels. At 1843 on 24 January a plume with low-to-moderate levels of ash rose 700 m above the crater and drifted W. The emission coincided with a hybrid earthquake.
(Smithsonian / USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report 27 January-2 February 2016)
Intermittent weak ash emissions
Update Sat 21 Nov 06:43
Small ash emission from Cotopaxi this morning
Small ash emission from Cotopaxi this morning
The volcano's activity remains low, with intermittent small ash emissions and continuous steaming. Weak glow can sometimes be observed at night. According to IGEPN, seismic activity remains moderately strong.
Continuing intermittent ash emissions
Update Wed 11 Nov 17:24
Moderately strong ash emission from Cotopaxi this morning
Moderately strong ash emission from Cotopaxi this morning
Intermittent explosions continue at the volcano. IG reported that during 4-10 November gas, steam, and ash plumes rose almost daily from Cotopaxi as high as 1.5 km above the crater.
Minor ashfall was reported S of the volcano on 6 November, and small lahars descended the W flank during 6 and 8-9 November.
Continuing steam emissions, small explosions
Update Thu 29 Oct 15:43
Steam emissions and glow from Cotopaxi this morning
Steam emissions and glow from Cotopaxi this morning
No significant changes in the volcano's activity have occurred. According to monitoring scientists from IGEPN, it seems that magma is slowly rising inside an open-conduit system.
During the last week, visual activity mainly consisted in steam and gas emissions reaching 1-2 km height, as well as small explosions in the crater that could only be detected instrumentally. Ash emissions have been minimal. Overall seismic activity has slightly decreased, with averages of 30-50 volcano-tectonic earthquakes (VT) per day. SO2 emissions remained high, fluctuating at values of 2000-5600 tons / day.
Intense degassing, mild ash emissions
Update Mon 26 Oct 10:37
Cotopaxi volcano today
Cotopaxi volcano today
Seismic recording (VC1 station, IGEPN)
Seismic recording (VC1 station, IGEPN)
No significant changes have occurred during the past days. The activity remains characterized by intense degassing and occasional mild ash emissions mixed into the plume.
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