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8 quakes Mag. 1+
1 quake Mag. 2+
Number of quakes vs long-term average, past 7 days
Earthquake activity below average

Latest quakes in or near Baden-Württemberg, Germany - list, stats and map

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Mag. 1.5 earthquake LandBreisgau-Hochschwarzwald - 24 km southeast of Freiburg, Germany -
Strongest past 30 daysMag. 2.8 13 km southeast of Mulhouse - Grand Est, France - May 21, 2024 -
Updated: May 30, 2024 12:18 GMT -
Find all latest earthquakes in or near Baden-Württemberg, Germany, in our list below, updated every minute! Events are often reported within minutes. If you just felt a quake in or near Baden-Württemberg, find out which quakes are happening right now!
In the past 24 hours, Baden-Württemberg has had one quake of magnitude 1.5.
In the past 30 days, Baden-Württemberg has had 68 quakes of magnitudes up to 2.8:
  • 7 quakes above magnitude 2
  • 61 quakes below magnitude 2 that people normally don't feel.
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Showing all recent or significant quakes in the past 30 days, magnitude 0 or higher, within up to 100 km (62 mi) distance (80 quakes):
Latest quakes in or near Baden-Württemberg, Germany - list, stats and map
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Baden-Württemberg Quake-O-Meter

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Earthquake statistics

Average number of earthquakes

Based on data from the past 54 years and our earthquake archive back to 1900, there are about 818 quakes on average per year in or near Baden-Württemberg, Germany:
  • Mag. 5 or higher: 0.04 quakes per year (or 1 quake every 27 years)
  • Mag. 4 or higher: 0.92 quakes per year (or 1 quake every 1.1 years)
  • Mag. 3 or higher: 11.7 quakes per year
  • Mag. 2 or higher: 152 quakes per year (or 12.6 quakes per month)
  • Mag. 1 or higher: 691 quakes per year (or 58 quakes per month)
Baden-Württemberg has relatively few earthquakes. However, Baden-Württemberg has had at least 2 quakes above magnitude 5 since 1970, which suggests that larger earthquakes of this size occur infrequently, probably on average approximately every 25 to 30 years.

Number of earthquakes over time

Past 90 days
30 days
7 days
24 hours
2024 so far
Number of earthquakes over time: Past 90 days
Number of earthquakes over time: 30 days
Number of earthquakes over time: 7 days
Number of earthquakes over time: 24 hours
Number of earthquakes over time: 2023
Number of earthquakes over time: 2024 so far

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Largest Quakes in or near Baden-Württemberg, Germany

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Map of largest quakes in or near Baden-Württemberg, Germany

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