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Unsere Fotosammlung zu Vulkanen ist über die Jahre so groß geworden, dass wir den Inhalt nun nach und nach neuorganisieren und hier Links zu den Fotoseiten einzelner Vulkane in alphabethischer Ordnung präsentieren:

Neueste Vulkan-Bildergallerien:

Lava flows (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
Lava flows (96 Bilder)
Strombolian eruptions (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)
Yasur Vulkan (Tanna, Vanuatu), Sep 2010: strombolianische Tätigkeit und Ascheausstoß (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer) Yasur Vulkan (8 Gallerien)
Impressions from our recent tour to Vulcano, Stromboli, Etna (Oct 2016). (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer) Vulkanfotos vom Ätna (28 Gallerien)
Einer der interessantesten Lavadome in Indonesien, als er noch am wachsen war... (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer) Kelud Vulkan (4 Gallerien)
During a visit in mid to late July 2021, Stromboli was showing very regular and typical strombolian activity from several vents. Most notably though, the NE cone produced quite impressive eruptions at intervals of 15-20 minutes. Overall, activity at the volcano in this period was low to medium. 
Interested in a tour to the volcano and take such pictures yourself? Join our Stromboli to Etna volcano tour!
Images taken on the evening of 19 July 2021 (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer) Stromboli Vulkanfotos (21 Gallerien)
Impressions from a full-moon night at the Jagger museum's lookout (Kilauea, Hawai'i) in November 2016. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer) Kilauea volcano, Hawai'i (3 Gallerien)
Impressions of Pacaya volcano's activity during 21-22 Dec 2015 from our Guatemala volcano tour. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer) Pacaya volcano (2 Gallerien)
Das meiste Material ausgeworfen während seines laufenden Ausbruchs ist Asche und Blöcke von den Krater und Conduit Wänden. Glühlampe Material (d.h. frisch Magma) wurde erstmals am Bromo in Dez 2010 beobachtet. Milde strombolianische Aktivität war in der Nacht während unserer Tour von 15-19 Feb, in der Regel Accomanied von zischenden und leisen Ex Sounds sichtbar. Mindestens zwei verschiedene Öffnungen waren aktiv Bromo Krater. Die meisten der strombolianische Aktivität fand vom Vent im W Hälfte (rechts in den Bildern) des Kraters, während ein Schlot in der östlichen Hälfte (links) war der wichtigste Ort der Asche Emissionen und gelegentliche leistungsstarke Explosionen begleitet von laut Detonationen und Schockwellen Rasseln Windows in bis zu mehrere Kilometer Entfernung. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer) Bromo Ausbruch 2010-2011 (4 Gallerien)
The pictures were taken by our friend Gian Schachenmann during an overflight of the volcano in early Dec and show the ongoing eruption of natrocarbonatite lava inside the crater of the 2007 cinder cone occupying the active northern crater of Lengai volcano. (Photo: Gian Schachenmann) Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano (9 Gallerien)
Impressions of Santiaguito volcano's activity during 26-28 Dec 2015 from our Guatemala volcano tour when we spent two nights on the summit of Santa Maria, more than 1000 m above the active lava dome - one (if not THE) best volcano observation spots in the world! (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer) Santiaguito (2 Gallerien)
Our recent Guatemala volcano tour coincided with the beginning of another (the 14th in 2015) paroxysm at Fuego volcano, which we observed from close during 29 Dec - 1 Jan. We used two different viewpoints at the base of the volcano, at approx. 5 and 7 km distances: first from near the INSIVUMEH volcano observatory (SW flank, first 3 rows of pictures), and from the SE (last pictures). The latter was chosen instead of initially planned Acatenango because of very bad weather and the presence of a new lava flow on that side.
Many thanks for support goes to the friendly staff from OVFGO/INSIVUMEH, in particular  Edgar Barrios! (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer) Fuego volcano (2 Gallerien)
Impressions from a full-moon night at the Jagger museum's lookout (Kilauea, Hawai'i) in November 2016. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer) Hawaii (22 Gallerien)
Ambrym Vulkan - die Lavaseen des Marum und Benbow (Photo: Yashmin Chebli) Ambrym Vulkan (10 Gallerien)
During our Volcano Special tour to Colima last week, Ingrid and other 3 participants took a scenic overflight in a small charter plane in order to have a closer look at the active lava dome and its viscous flow on the southern flank. A selection of aerial photos from various angles taking while circling the volcano several times at different altitudes is shown. (Photo: Ingrid Smet) Colima volcano, Mexico (11 Gallerien)
Ijen volcano in East Java is famous for its acid crater lake and the large sulfur deposits that form around very active fumaroles near the lake shore.
The sulfur in the crater is being mined. At night, some of the fumaroles are on fire, with intense bluish flames from burning sulfur. Partially, this is due to auto-ignition due to very high temperatures at the fumarole vents, but mostly because the workers set fire to the sulfur n order to melt it and collect it from the frozen puddles that then form on the ground below.  (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer) Ijen volcano (3 Gallerien)
During our Batu Tara volcano expedition we stayed on the island from 30 June - 4 July 2015 and found the volcano in similar activity (strombolian) as during our other visits in Nov 2012 and 2014. However, during the night 2-3 July and early on 3 July, a phase of increased activity resulted in the formation of small pyroclastic flows caused by collapsing material ejected during the explosion and/or accumulated on the crater rim.
See also: Expedition, camp & volcano | Video clips of eruptions (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer) Batu Tara volcano (8 Gallerien)
Sakurajima Vulkan, Japan: Fotos von Ausbrüchen im September 2013 (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer) Sakurajima volcano (3 Gallerien)
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