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Garantierte Reisen
22.-29. Mai 2021: Perle der Ägäis - Santorin - Santorin (Griechenland)
24. Jun - 8. Jul 2021: Farben von Island: Feuer, Erde, Eis und Wasser - Island
7.-15. Mai 2022: Feuerberge Siziliens - vom Stromboli zum Ätna - Äolische Inseln + Ätna
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Kundengeldabsicherung mit Travelsafe
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Current travel information (as of Aug 2020)

We all need to pause right now: first of all, we hope that you, your families and friends are safe and healthy, and that you do not give in to panic and desperation, but remain optimistic and contribute to help the wider community to recover as quickly as possible. The more we concentrate on fighting the disease now, the sooner we can get through it and wiin it. Read, for example: Next two months critical; we need to flatten the curve.

As one of the hardest affected types of businesses, we are of course monitoring the situation about the current COVID-19 pandemic closely. Currently, tours to almost all destinations worldwide are not possible due to travel restrictions and official warnings, resulting in near-complete cancellations for the next few months.
As the situation is changing quickly, it is not possible to anticipate all circumstances or make predictions whether a certain tour to a certain area will be possible at a given point in the not immediate future or not. Given this, we can only make new assessments and take decisions as the situation evolves. In particular, the decision whether or not a tour needs to be canceled due to the current COVID-19 epidemics can usually be decided approx 6-8 weeks prior to departure.

We base out assessments of the situation largely on the information / recommendations published on the following official websites:
- Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak (World Health Organization)
- COVID-19: Internationale Risikogebiete und besonders betroffene Gebiete in Deutschland (Robert Koch Insitute)
- Reise und Sicherheit (in German: Informationen, aktuelle Reisewarnungen etc des Auswärtigen Amts zu Reise und Sicherheit)

If you have a booking with us on a tour that is canceled:

In case we cannot run the tour and need to cancel it due to the current circumstances, we will offer you a full refund (except for unrecoverable expenses if any) or offer to rebook you on a later or different tour.

Zero cancellation fees policy for future bookings:

We are all uncertain about the future now, which is very understandable, but hope that the difficult times we're now in will reward us with victory over the crisis soon.
However, we fully understand your concerns to book a tour now for (many) months in advance. We decided to modify our normal cancellation policy: if you have booked or book a tour, but decide to cancel your participation earliest 2 months before the planned start out of reasonable circumstances related to the pandemic (e.g. travel restrictions, health concerns etc), we offer you to:
- either charge only 10% cancellation fee,
- or keep the deposit with us for a future booking with zero cancellation fee

This means you don't risk loosing money paid to us, but you should book refundable airfare if you're not sure.
In cases we cannot run the tour at all and need to cancel it from our end, your money will also be refunded (minus unrecoverable expenses if any, which we will document to you).

Download updated cancellation fee policy as pdf
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